A Dangerous Method

Event: Private showing and conference discussion of David Cronenberg’s film about Spielrein, Jung and Freud 
Date:  Saturday 11th February 2012    
Venue: Arundel House, 13-15 Arundel Street, Temple Place, London WC2R 3DX 

David Cronenberg’s compelling movie about the triangular relationship between Sabina Spielrein, C.G. Jung and Sigmund Freud opens a Pandora’s box of issues in depth psychology concerning the relations between women and men, women and women, men and men, and patients and analysts. The film is set in the early days of the psychoanalytic movement – the first faltering steps in a new approach to subjectivity and psychological healing, but already involving the end of the collaboration between Freud and Jung. The central theme of the film is Jung’s complex relationship with his patient Sabina Spielrein – one which raises awkward and fascinating questions for Jungian and non-Jungian clinicians and academics alike. How will our patients and clients respond to it? How will the film affect the standing of Jung’s and Freud’s ideas? How serious should we be about this film? Will the movie be dismissed and forgotten as yet another biopic trying to take its subject seriously, yet ending up as ‘mere’ entertainment?

The professional and academic communities have much to reflect on as a result of Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method. CAP has assembled a wonderful team of analysts, well-known writers, academics and film critics to start off our discussion.

Recordings of the six main presentations can be heard below:

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