Human Being Human

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Human Being Human
Culture and the Soul
By Christopher Hauke
Published 27th October 2005 by Routledge


Human Being Human explores the classical question ‘What is a human being?’ and produces original and challenging insights in the process of providing an answer. In examining our human being, Christopher Hauke challenges the notion of human nature, questions the assumed superiority of human consciousness and rational thinking and pays close attention to the contradiction of living simultaneously as an autonomous individual and a member of the collective community. The main chapters include:

  • Who’s in Charge Here?
  • Knowledge, Power and Human Being
  • That Thinking Feeling
  • Is Modern Consciousness Different? Modern Consciousness and the Quest for Spirituality Endings
  • The Unconscious and Time
  • Orpheus, Dionysus and Popular Culture

The book is also structured around brief panel essays with a distinctly personal tone, such as: The Rise of revulsion: Spitting and The Stones, What is the Double When the Original is Gone? And “I lived with the speaking clock”. All these themes areamplified by examples drawn from psychotherapy, film, literature and popular culture, and illustrated with many evocative photographs and film stills.

Human Being Human provides an original perspective on what it is to be a human being, the value of popular culture, the relationship between the individual and the collective and our assumptions about truth, reality and power. Written in a highly accessible style, this book is both intellectually and emotionally satisfying and will fascinate anyone interested in contemporary psychology, cultural studies, film and media, social history and psychotherapy.



“How marvelous to find someone else who is so passionate and curious about both people and movies as I am. Anyone who is also in awe of the narratives that drive our lives will love this book”.

Paul Morrison, psychotherapist and Oscar-nominated writer/director of Solomon and Gaenor (1998, Film4/S4C/APT) and Wondrous Oblivion (2004, Momentum Pictures).


“You’ll find this quality throughout Human Being Human. It’s deeply rooted in a concern with letting us explore in words, images and actions who we are, not just what life has turned us into”.

From the Foreword by Dr. Luke Hockley, PhD, F.R.S.A., Assistant Dean – Media, University of Sunderland.


“All of us who consider ourselves senior insiders in his fields are a bit in awe of Chris Hauke’s power and originality. His blend of ideas from Jungian analysis, psychoanalysis and cultural studies make his new book Human Being Human the most stimulating thing around”.

Professor Andrew Samuels, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies, University of Essex, author of The Political Psyche, Jung and the Post-Jungians, Politics on the Couch.



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