What’s Missing

What’s Missing
In ‘Sacral Revolutions: Reflecting on the work of Andrew Samuels’
Edited by Gottfried Heuer
Published by Routledge in 2009

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Sacral Revolutions is a unique project reflecting the contribution that Andrew Samuels has made to the general field of psychoanalysis and Jungian analysis in both clinical and academic contexts.Gottfried Heuer has brought together an international array of authors – friends and colleagues of Samuels – to honour his 60 th Birthday. As a result, the collection provides a creative and cutting-edge overview of a fragmented field. The chapters demonstrate the profound sense of social responsibility of these analysts and academics whose concerns include the mysteries and hidden meanings in social and political life.This open and engaging volume includes a previously unpublished interview with C. G. Jung, adding to its usefulness as an essential companion for academics, analysts, therapists and students.

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