Christopher Hauke is a Jungian analyst in private practice in London, a senior lecturer emeritus – now supervising PhDs –  at Goldsmiths, University of London, a writer and a filmmaker.

All Christopher’s books are published by Routledge in New York and London.

Jung and  the Postmodern. The Interpretation of Realities (2000) and Human Being Human. Culture and the Soul (2005); two co-edited collections of Jungian film writing, Jung and Film in 2001 and  Jung and Film II – The Return 2011, and the co-edited Contemporary Jungian Analysis (1998)

Christopher’s books and articles have been translated into Bulgarian, Italian, Korean, German, French and Spanish

Christopher Hauke’s latest book is Visible Mind. Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious  (2013)

Visible Mind. Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious

Includes in depth interviews on the unconscious and creativity with film professionals – a director, writer, editor, production designer, cinematographer, actor – from Game of Thrones and The Spirit of ’45 to The Queen of Versailles and Silent Witness.

Fully illustrated with a film clip guide to all the movies mentioned.

Chapters include – ‘The face and film, the surface and what’s beneath’; ‘How Europe got to know the mind of America through the movies’; ‘Changing your story, narrative, time and meaning in the movies’; ‘Anima-animus,  soul image and individuation in the movies’; ‘Based on real events: narratives of fact and fiction in movies’.

Other publications

2014                ‘Heironymous Bosch: (dis)placing the body, reversing the symbolic’ in DYAD book Tatge, A., Steele, T.  eds. Arts Council England. http://www.dyad.org.uk/DYAD/PUBLICATION.html

2015                ‘Horror Films and the Attack on Rationality’ in Journal of Analytical Psychology 2015, 60, 5, 736-740  Wiley Publishing: Oxford      DOI: 10.1111/1468-5922.12181

2017                “Palimpseste londonien” in Nouvelles Psychogeographies ed. N Caritoux and F. Villard. University of Lyons Editions Mimesis

2017                “Screen Time: Movies, Mind and the Experience of Time” in A. Yiassimides ed. Time and Psyche  Routledge: London and New York

Lectures and presentations

2018 12th February,  National Film and Television School, Beaconsfield, UK  “Character and Archetype: Soul and Space in No Country for Old Men”

2018 6th-12th September, Pari Centre for New Learning, Pari, Italy. Conference on Time with Julian Barbour.

2018 24th November ARPA, Rome, Italy. “Jung and the Postmodern World” Day conference sole presenter.

Past lectures and presentations

2017    Confederation of Analytical Psychology, JW3 Cinema, London. Film Series: “Nationhood, Identity and the Other”: –

If…. (Anderson, 1968). Public lecture, screening and seminar.

Bloody Sunday (Greengrass, 2002). Public lecture, screening and seminar.

2017    Jungian Psychoanalytic Association, New York, USA. Conference; “PTSD and Combat trauma: Critical and Archetypal Approaches to treatment”.  Keynote speaker: ‘Jung and managing the irrational: representing war and filming survival in Houston’s Let There Be Light (1946)

2016    NS Science, London. Public lecture. ‘Much begins amusingly…Jung, Shadow and Film’; ‘Jung’s Challenge to Rationality’.

2016    Waterstones, Piccadilly, London. Keynote speaker: ‘Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried

2015    Yale University, USA, Conference “International Association of Jungian Studies”. Plenary speaker. ‘Horror and the Sublime’.

2015    Syracuse, Sicily. Conference “Art and Psyche: Layers and Liminality”. Plenary speaker: ‘Fantasy, Myth, Games and the Unconscious’.

2014    New York. Conference: “Zurich meets New York” May19th-24th. Panel speaker: ‘C G Jung, from myths and dreams to screenplays and video games’.

2014   Chelsea Space, London ‘Derek Jarman – film, myth and alchemy’. Public lecture

2013 University of Lyons “London Palimpsest”   University of Lyons. ‘Psychogeography Conference’

2012 Czech Society of Analytical Psychology, Prague, Czech Republic. ‘Visible Mind. Unconscious Processes and the Filmmakers Craft’

2012  7th International Conference of MAAP, Moscow, Russia

Lectures – ‘Jung and the Postmodern – Frank Gehry’s House and Carl Jung’s Tower’;  ‘Jung and Cinema – Anima and individuation in the movies’;  ‘Jung and Film – Jung, Europe and the American Psyche’

2012 – Whitechapel Gallery, London. ‘Boys and Art’

2012. ‘Art & Psyche in the City’. New York Plenary presentation – ‘Cinema, Jung and Psyche. How Europe got to know the mind of America through the movies’

Ongoing & Completed Projects

Christopher is working on a new book about the limits of rationality and the place of the irrational in our lives. This will cover a vast range of themes from Dr John Dee and the Elizabethan bridge between magic and science, ESP and anomalous psychological experiences, quantum physics, time and the many worlds theory, to shamanic experience, visions and the limitation of language.

Christopher has in the past been consulting for film media group Portal Entertainment on an exciting new project, The Craftsman  an immersive “Hitchcock” thriller for the digital age to be experienced on your iPad or other portable device. As psychology consultant with a team of filmmakers, software developers, writers and game designers, Christopher has been involved with a number of Portal Entertainment products aimed at entertainment and at enhancing and discovering user’s emotional engagement and experience of thrillers. In 2014 he spoke about his work to an audience in New York with Tim Schafer of Double Fine productions. “Carl G. Jung from myths and dreams to screenplays and video games” at the conference’ Zurich meets New York.’


Christopher’s film-work includes the documentaries One Colour Red and Green Ray and his psychological short Again was premiered in Montreal in 2010. His recent short comedy Red Or White? is seeking festival screenings. and he has a number of his own film projects in development. One Colour Red  was screened with a new short on London at the Psychogeography Conference , University of Lyons in June, 2013.

Throughout 2019 he has been filming shows and YouTube publicity clips for the professional theatre company Spontaneous Productions (Theatre London). These can be viewed on their site 

You can view several of Christopher’s films on his film website www.letuknowfilms.co.uk