Christopher Hauke is a Jungian analyst in private practice in London, a senior lecturer in psychoanalytic studies at Goldsmiths, University of London, a writer and a filmmaker.

His new co-edited collection of Jungian film writing, Jung and Film II – The Return was published in 2011.


Forthcoming book

Christopher Hauke’s new book Visible Mind. Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious will be published by Routledge in New York and London in July 2013.

Includes in depth interviews on the unconscious and creativity with film professionals – a director, writer, editor, production designer, cinematographer, actor – from Game of Thrones and The Spirit of ’45 to The Queen of Versailles and Silent Witness.

Fully illustrated with a film clip guide to all the movies mentioned.

Chapters include – ‘The face and film, the surface and what’s beneath’; ‘How Europe got to know the mind of America through the movies’; ‘Changing your story, narrative, time and meaning in the movies’; ‘Anima-animus,  soul image and individuation in the movies’; ‘Based on real events: narratives of fact and fiction in movies’.

forthcoming presentations

6th-7th June, 2013, University of Lyons. ‘Psychogeography Conference’

19th-23rd August, 2013, XIXth Congress of the International Association of Analytical Psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark.


13th February, 2013, Jung Club, London. ‘Grass Roots’ Seminar.   ‘Visible Mind. Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious’ 

21st April 2012, Czech Society of Analytical Psychology, Prague, Czech Republic. ‘Visible Mind. Unconscious Processes and the Filmmakers Craft’

26th April 2012, FPC, Westminster Pastoral Foundation, London

9-11th June 2012,  7th International Conference of MAAP, Moscow, Russia

Lectures – ‘Jung and the Postmodern – Frank Gehry’s House and Carl Jung’s Tower’;  ‘Jung and Cinema – Anima and individuation in the movies’;  ‘Jung and Film – Jung, Europe and the American Psyche’

13th July – Whitechapel Gallery, London. ‘Boys and Art’

20th- 22nd July, 2012. ‘Art & Psyche in the City’. New York Plenary presentation – ‘Cinema, Jung and Psyche. How Europe got to know the mind of America through the movies’

Ongoing & Completed Projects

As we can see above, Christopher has finished writing his new book: Visible Mind. Movies, Modernity and the Unconscious which will now be published by Routledge in 2013.

Christopher is currently consulting for film media group Portal Entertainment on an exciting new project, The Craftsman  an immersive “Hitchcock” thriller for the digital age to be experienced on your iPad or other portable device. The Craftsman will be available world-wide from late July to download. As psychology consultant with a team of filmmakers, software developers, writers and game designers, Christopher is involved with a number of Portal Entertainment products to be rolled out over the next twelve months aimed at entertainment and at enhancing and discovering user’s emotional engagement and experience of thrillers.

Christopher’s film-work includes the documentaries One Colour Red and Green Ray and his psychological short Again was premiered in Montreal in 2010. His recent short comedy Red Or White? is seeking festival screenings. and he has a number of his own film projects in development. One Colour Red  will be screened with a new short on London at the Psychogeography Conference , University of Lyons in June, 2013.